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Jodorowsky & Moebius - The [Original] Incal vol 1-4 [CBR]
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Jodorowsky Moebius John Difool Incal Sci-fi

2009-05-17 23:32:59 GMT
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This is the original [black] Incal series by Jodorowsky and Moebius.

Volumes included:

1 The black Incal
2 The white Incal
3 That which is below
4 That which is above


5 The fifth element
6 Planet Difool
7 After the Incal

I'll be upping the complete series in spanish and french for those who understand it.

Also: If I get lots of pretty pleases, Ill translate the last three volumes myself ;)



pretty please, pretty please, pretty please??!!

Would be aprreciated if you translated the last 3!
There are more then FOUR??

I collected this stuff.
I loved it, i also got a collcetors Hardcover.
And all hold only the four first!

Oh my!
i am shocked
and dling this and the french stuff.
(no i dont speak french, but ich dont know spanish either.)


pretty pretty pretty please...

oh my oh my...
Dont worry, I will...

The thing is, I'm a teacher and until july I'll be doing examns. Once that is over I'll dedicate myself to translating european comics (not only The Incal - there's loads of great stuff available in spanish (I'm fluent) and french (my GF) that never made it into english ;)

Until then...
Stay cool and enjoy my other uploads :)
It's all in my torrents, metabarons, technopriests (last book missing) and the lot (Including The 7th one 'apres l'incal, I have it in spanish too, but didnt bother to upload it seeing how little seeds nonenglish comics got)

If you have volume 5 & 6 of the original Incal in english (fifth element & planet diffol), please share.

Also: Please click my username, check out what's missing and report back :)

I'm a passionate collector myself ;), but good shit is hard to come by where I'm at...
Well, I have been searching for the rest of the Incal, seeing as I had only read the Hum. Pub. recolors that were floating around of Before the Incal, Metabarons, and Technopriests, and you have no idea- well, you probably do- how happy you've made me with this content.

So, at the very least, I will seed the non-english, aside from english as well, torrents as a sign of appreciation... and a plea for After the Incal and The Four John Difools, if you can find it, getting translated!
man, thank you so much for Moebius. I am old fan of Diffub and i have most of the book i three languages vut I didn't have Apres l'Incal drawn by my countryman, Janjetov. I love having them all.

You work is appreciated.

i will be seeding them as much as i can.

and thanks for Enki too. wow!
Sweet baby jesus, pretty, pretty please translate Incal #7!